Top 10 Medical Universities in Poland

Medical Universities in Poland

Poland is home to some of Europe's most prestigious medical universities, with a total of 8000 students pursuing medicine at the country's medical schools. For overseas students, there are more than ten universities in Poland that offer Medicine and associate degrees in English. Obtaining admission to medical schools in Poland is not difficult if the applicant meets the minimum admission standards.

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List of Top Medical Colleges in Poland

  • Jagiellonian University 
  • Medical University of Silesia
  • Medical University of Pomeranian 
  • University of Gdańsk
  • Medical University of Warsaw
  • Medical University of Wroclaw
  • Poznan University of Medical Sciences
  • University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
  • Medical University of Lubin
  • Medical University of Lodz 

All of these universities offer a six-year Medicine degree with tuition ranging from 10,855 to 16,604 USD (or 39,870 to 60,986 AED). As living and other expenditures are included, the total cost of studying medical programmes in Poland will rise.

Top Medical Colleges in Poland

In Poland, there are currently 8000 students pursuing a medical degree, and this number is steadily rising.

Top ranking Medical Universities in Poland

Name of University World Rank National Rank Subject Ranking (Clinical Medicine)
Jagiellonian University 320 by the U.S.News 1 by the U.S.News 172 by U.S.News 
Medical University of Wroclaw 870 by the  U.S.News 07 by the  U.S.News 452 by the U.S.News 
University of Gdańsk1106 by the U.S.News  09 by the  U.S.News 429 by the  U.S.News 
Medical University of Warsaw 1118 by the U.S.News 10 by the U.S.News 452 by the U.S.News 
Medical University of Lodz1237 by the  U.S.News 14 by the U.S.News 462 by the U.S.News 
Poznan University of Medical Sciences1423 by the U.S.News 21 by the U.S.News 614  by the U.S.News
University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn1476 By the  CWUR 25 By the  CWUR N.A 
Medical University of Pomeranian 1517 by the U.S.News 23 by the U.S.News 593  by the U.S.News
Medical University of Silesia 1633 by the U.S.News 32 by the U.S.News 558  by the U.S.News
Medical University of Lubin 1565 by the U.S.News 26 by the U.SNews 690  by the U.S.Newss

Why should you pursue an M.D. (MBBS) degree in Poland?

Poland is becoming a popular study abroad location for medical schools due to a number of variables.

  • The cost of education is moderate and affordable.
  • The teaching quality of English-taught MBBS courses is remarkable.
  • Poland has some of the greatest universities in the world.
  • Medical students in Poland have a bright future ahead of them. Around 75% of Poland's MBBS graduates can currently practise medicine in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.
  • Students that excel academically, regardless of their nation of origin, are eligible for a scholarship programme.

Description of the best Medical Universities in Poland

Jagiellonian University Medical College

The Medical University of Jagiellonian is one of Poland's oldest medical schools, having been founded in 1348. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Medical Council (NMC) of India have both given the university their seal of approval. There are currently 15 faculties at the university, with around 45000 students studying in various faculties each year.

Program Name Duration Tuition fees annually  
General Medicine 6 years 16,604 USD or 60,986 AED 
Medical University of Gdańsk

Gdansk Medical University was founded on October 8, 1945. The institution, which is among the top ten Polish state universities, has a long tradition of practicing medicine and teaching medical and natural science courses under the supervision of acknowledged professionals in their disciplines.

The Gdansk Medical University now educates 6000 students, including Ph.D. students, postgraduate students, and undergraduate students.

The university is a participant in the International Research Agenda programme of the Polish Science Foundation.

Program Name Duration Tuition fees annually 
General Medicine 6 years 10,855 USD or 39,870 AED
University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

The University of Warmia and Mazury (UWM) was created in September 1999 after the merger of three higher educational schools: the Academy of Agriculture and Technology, the Higher School of Pedagogy, and the Warmia Theological Institute.

Warmia and Mazury University offers 17 faculties and 65 academic programmes. Approximately 25,000 students visit the University of Warmia and Mazury each year to further their education.

It was named a Student-Friendly University for the second time out of 70 universities in 2004 and 2008. The University of Warmia and Mazury has the jurisdiction to offer doctorates in 16 faculties and 24 subjects.

Program Name Duration Tuition fees annually  
General Medicine 6 years 12,089 USD or 44,402 AED
Medical University of Warsaw

One of Poland's oldest medical schools in the Warsaw Medical University. For nearly 200 years, it has offered medical and pharmacy undergraduate and postgraduate instruction and training. The university's programmes are founded on the ideas of outstanding medical and pharmaceutical practice, and they meet university-level education standards.

The academic faculty of the Medical University of Warsaw has received national and international acclaim for their contributions to medical research and practice. Many of them have the status of National Medical Consultant, which is a high-ranking position in the medical community.

Program Name Duration Tuition fees annually  
General Medicine 6 years 15,917 USD or 58,463 AED
Medical University of Lodz

One of Poland's largest medical schools is the Medical University of Lodz. It has a lengthy and illustrious history that dates back to the 1940s. It educates future doctors and professionals in medical sciences and related fields. Approximately 900 international students from a variety of nations are currently enrolled in English-taught medical and dental programmes. The Dentistry Teaching Center and the recently constructed Medical Simulation Center are the pinnacles of medical education innovation, adhering to international educational standards.

Program Name Duration Tuition fees annually  
General Medicine 6 years 13,512 USD or 49,629 AED

In conclusion, Poland has a large number of university options for medical aspirants. The selection of a medical college should not be based on rankings alone. There are several other factors such as the cost of studying medicine, the availability of scholarships for medical programs in Poland, and the personal preferences of students that come into play. It is important to pick a university that best fits the needs and expectations of prospective students.

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