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MBBS in Abroad programme is incredibly well known in India. MBBS in Bangladesh is becoming popular among Indian students who want to study medicine in a foreign country. MBBS in Bangladesh is one of the greatest options for those interested in pursuing a career in international medicine. For a global student, studying MBBS in Bangladesh is not prohibitively expensive. They'll make you feel as if you're studying medicine in India. Bangladesh is one of the top options for Indian students interested in studying MBBS overseas. In comparison to other countries, admission to the MBBS in Bangladesh is rather easy.

When it comes to academics, I won't go overboard by claiming that world-class education is available here. But I wouldn't be wrong if I said they teach you everything from the fundamentals of medical science to the level where you can understand the language of medicine.

India and Bangladesh share comparable climates, foods, civilizations, and disease patterns. Clinical experience gained during MBBS in Bangladesh is quite beneficial in FMGE exams, as well as internship in India. In terms of curriculum, it is extremely similar to the one used in India. In Bangladesh, both private and government colleges offer a 5-year MBBS programme that includes a one-year rotatory internship. The hospital's infrastructure is quite solid, with a sufficient patient flow.

The following are some of the other main advantages of medical admission in Bangladesh:

• A government university degree that has been approved by MCI or NMC.

• Some faculties, such as BGC Trust, have low fees with simple instalments.

• Low cost of travel by bus, train, or even owning a car ( with permission)

• Medical studies similar to Bharat are available in the library, as are works by Indian authors.

• Course programme is the same as the MCI course of study in terms of length and content, or you can specialise in nineteen subjects like the Indian programme.

• There are no hidden costs for document translation, residency permits, visa renewals, or insurance.

• All fees are paid directly to individual faculty accounts, ensuring that funds are not misdirected as in other nations where even fees do not appear to be written on letter paper.

• One of the highest passing rates on the FMGE

• NEET certification is required.

Will you be able to pass the FMGE or the upcoming NEXT?

It is a well-known fact that students from Bangladesh have the best passing rate of foreign medical graduate examinations who appear FMGE among all other countries. The reason for this is that Indian and Bangladeshi curriculum are very similar. Furthermore, there is no nightlife for students, and there are less distractions than in other nations.

If you are considering enrolling in a foreign medical institute, we strongly advise you to choose Bangladesh because the transition to new cuisine and language habits is much easier here than in other nations. Furthermore, the FMGE results show that it is the greatest option for students looking for a medical school outside of India.

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