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Overseas VISA Application Assistance

 For the students, who dream to study MBBS overseas must require an overseas visa. If the overseas students reserve their seats at Abroad medical colleges then they are eligible to apply for an abroad student Visa. After the submission of the application, the governments of foreign countries provide the students their Visa with an extension period until they complete their MBBS course. The student’s visa provided will be a multiple-entry visa.

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The following procedures will be useful for obtaining your Visa:
  1. Acquirement of the invitation letter from the applied college.
  2. The Visa application form has to be filled.
  3. Pile up your documents.
  4. Take a snapshot of your visa.
  5. Make financial arrangements for the visa.
  6. Submit your application along with the fee.
  7. Choose the date from the legation.
  8. Arrange your appointments with visa officials.
  9. Collect your student visa.
  10. Provide your student in your hand.
  11. Obtain the migration card upon arrival in Russia.

ISA Assistance Advice

The correct time for applying for a student visa:

Once you receive the confirmation of your admission to a particular University or Institutions, you are eligible to apply for a visa. Early access in the application of a visa could be prescribed, being mindful of the commencement of your education program.

This is because the execution of the process varies from country to country.

Why apply for a student visa earlier?

The students who want to pursue overseas education must require a visa to enter the country. And it is proof that you display your identity over there.

Applying for a visa earlier is more important because there are multiple processes to get approved by the authorities.

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