Study MBBS in Bangladesh- Fees, Admission, Eligibility, Top Medical Universities

The MBBS program holds great prestige in India, and the popularity of studying MBBS from Bangladesh is increasing among Indian students who wish to pursue their medical education abroad. Choosing to study MBBS in Bangladesh is considered a highly advantageous decision for students who aspire to build an international medical career. Studying for an MBBS degree in Bangladesh is affordable for international students and offers an environment that closely resembles studying MBBS in India. For Indian students who dream of studying MBBS abroad, Bangladesh emerges as a top choice due to its straightforward admission process and the availability of medical degrees.

For Indian students, the MBBS program in Bangladesh is a fantastic option because it offers medical training at 25 public medical universities and 50 private universities. It is one of the more affordable MBBS programmes available to Indian nationals abroad.

Bangladesh is home to renowned medical universities with excellent infrastructure, offering high-quality medical education with experienced faculty in all medical colleges across the country. The curriculum and study materials provided by Bangladesh offer exceptional guidance for medical students, making it an appealing destination for aspiring MBBS students from countries like India and Nepal. Bangladesh has made significant progress in the field of education, demonstrating its dedication to academic advancement. As the 92nd-largest independent country in the world, Bangladesh continues to be a promising destination for medical education.

MBBS in Bangladesh Key Features

The following table would help the students with a quick overview of the MBBS degree in Bangladesh:

MBBS Bangladesh Highlights
Degree Offered Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Intake January & February
Duration 5 years + 1-Year Internship (Total 6 Years MBBS Duration)
Internship Yes Bangladesh Internship is valid in India
Eligibility Criteria Min 60% in PCB/7 GPA, 10+2 passed in 2019 and 2020 only
Total Package 23 to 40 Lakh INR, Including Hostel
Exams  NEET Qualified
College Affiliations Universities of Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong etc
Recognitions NMC (erstwhile MCI), FAIMER, WDOMS, ECFMG, IMED, BMDC
Medium of Teaching Fully English
Local Language Bengali
Distance from India 40 to 50 minutes by flight from Kolkata
Food Some food same as in India


mbbs in bangladesh

Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh for Indian Students

The following list of MCI/NMC-approved medical schools in Bangladesh offers degrees that are recognized in India. The colleges listed below have received accreditation from the National Medical Commission, the WHO, and other reputable medical organizations. Here is a list of the top ten medical colleges in Bangladesh which have been globally recognized and continue to impart high-quality education to its students from around the globe:

    1. The University of Dhaka
    2. Rajshahi University
    3. University of Chittagong
    4. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
    5. Bangladesh University of Professionals
    6. Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical College
    7. Mainamoti Medical College
    8. Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College
    9. Kumudini Women’s Medical College
    10. Dhaka Central International Medical College

Why Study MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

Bangladesh has become one of the top countries for medical education for Indian students. Every year, a large number of Indian students apply to top medical college in Bangladesh.

  • There is no requirement for language instruction because the primary language of instruction for MBBS students in Bangladesh is English.
  • All of Bangladesh’s leading medical schools have received NMC and WHO recognition, making them well-known internationally.
  • Indian students have more prospects in Bangladesh because 25% of seats in major private & medical universities are set aside for them.
  • Most medical universities don’t require an entrance exam for admission to the MBBS programmed.
  • Students from SAARC countries are exempt from paying tuition for medical school in Bangladesh; as a result, they only need to cover living expenses.
  • To enhance the students’ talents, training and practical approaches are employed.
  • In Bangladesh, there is direct admission available for the MBBS program with no donation or capitation fees.
  • The cost of an MBBS programme in Bangladesh is reasonable.
  • Students get the chance to complete a one-year internship in some of the best government and private hospitals.

Study MBBS in Bangladesh vs MBBS in India

Basis MBBS In Bangladesh MBBS In India
Availability of seat MBBS Bangladesh has unlimited seats with a 25% reservation for Indian students. There are a limited number of MBBS seats available in India.
Structure of fees Starting Fees for MBBS in Bangladesh are 20 lakh INR. Government college costs for MBBS in India range from INR 11,000 to INR 7.5 lakhs (complete course)
Private colleges cost between 20 and 80 lakh rupees (complete course)
Duration of the course The MBBS Degree in Bangladesh lasts six years, including one internship year.(5+1 year internship) In India, the MBBS Program lasts 5.5 years (4.5 years of academic study plus a year of internship).

How to Choose the Right MBBS College in Bangladesh?

Choosing the right MBBS college among the thousands of them out there becomes a difficult task. Let us see what specific things you must keep in mind while choosing your medical colleges in Bangladesh:

  • Total number of MBBS seats in the college
  • How old is the medical University/college
  • Which PG courses are offered
  • Patient flow in affiliated hospitals
  • Infrastructure of allied hospitals
  • Internal quota reserved for postgraduate studies
  • Stipend paid during clinical rotation internship
  • Location of the college
  • Number of compulsory rural service years and bond penalty amount to be paid

Benefits of studying MBBS in Bangladesh

  1. The WHO recognises and approves the MBBS in Bangladesh degree internationally.
  2. There is no entrance exam and the admission process is significantly simpler.
  3. Admission to Bangladesh’s medical universities is free of charge.
  4. No donation is necessary to enrol at Bangladesh’s medical universities.
  5. Hospitals offer internship opportunities to the students.
  6. Students do real-world experiments to improve their skills.
  7. The hospitals are well-equipped with the newest technologies, and the medical colleges are constructed
  8. with strong infrastructure.
  9. In order to improve their talents, the students are required to attend worldwide seminars and conferences.
  10. The faculty of Bangladesh’s medical universities is knowledgeable, and they offer top-notch education.

Duration of MBBS In Bangladesh

The duration of MBBS in Bangladesh is 6 years, including one year of internship. The first five years of MBBS course in Bangladesh is dedicated to basic theoretical and practical knowledge. The sixth year of MBBS in Bangladesh is dedicated for internships at top hospitals under professional doctors. Every year the MBBS course is segregated into two semesters.

MBBS in Bangladesh Fee Structure 2024-25

MBBS in Bangladesh has become an extraordinary option for all medical aspirants who wish to study abroad. All the medical universities in Bangladesh offer degrees which are globally recognized and at affordable MBBS fees in Bangladesh. The tuition fee also varies as per the ranking of the University. It starts from 11 Lakh INR for a complete course to 30 Lakh INR for a complete tuition fee.

Particulars Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Tuition Fee (approx.) $10,480 $10,480 $10,480 $10,480 $10,480
Fees in Indian Rupees Rs.7.34 Lakhs Rs.7.34 Lakhs Rs.7.34 Lakhs Rs.7.34 Lakhs Rs.7.34 Lakhs


Bangladesh Top Medical Universities Fee for Indian Students

The fee structure for studying Medicine in Bangladesh from different universities are given below, however, these tuition fees are approximate rates:

Name of college Total Tuition with Hostel of 5 years(In US Dollar) Total Tuition with Hostel of 5 years(In Indian Rs.)
Parkview Medical College, Sylhet USD 32000 INR 2,240,000
Ad-Din Women’s Medical College, Dhaka USD 45,000 INR 3,150,000
Marks Medical College, Dhaka USD 37,000 INR 2,405,000
Sylhet Women’s Medical College, Sylhet USD 38,000 INR 2,660,000
Mainamoti Medical College, Comila USD 38,000 INR 2,660,000
Dr. Sirajul islam Medical College,Dhaka USD 40,000 INR 2,800,000
Medical college for women and Hospital, Dhaka USD 50,800 INR 3,556,000
IBN Sina Medical College, Dhaka USD 40,000 INR 2,600,000
TMMS, R.U, Bogra USD 40,000 INR 2,800,000
Eastern Medical College, Comilla USD 41,500 INR 2,905,000
North East Medical College, Sylhet USD 40,000 INR 2,800,000
Jalalabad Ragib Rabeya Medical College, Sylhet USD 43,000 INR 3,010,000
Kumudini Women’s Medical College, Tangail USD 43,100 INR 3,017,000
Anwer Khan Modern Medical College, Dhaka USD 44,000 INR 3,080,000
Shahabuddin Medical College, Dhaka USD 43,000 INR 3,010,000

What is the Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh?

  • The students must have met the requirements to sit for the 10+2 exam at the reputed university or school.
  • Passing NEET is mandatory.
  • As required subjects in the 10+2 exams, candidates must have studied math, physics, and chemistry.
  • The minimum age requirement for candidates is 17 years, however, there is no upper age limit.
  • Candidates must have a valid visa and identification.
  • Candidates should receive a minimum of 60% in PCB in their 10+2 exams.
  • The HSC should have a minimum overall GPA of eight and a maximum individual GPA of 3.5.

Documents Required for MBBS in Bangladesh

  • Valid class 10 and 12 mark sheets
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Bank statement
  • NEET score card
  • 5–6 passport-size images
  • Medical certificate

MBBS Intakes in Bangladesh

  • In Bangladesh, the application procedure begins in February.
  • In May, admission will be closed.
  • August will be the first month that classes begin.

Admission Process For MBBS in Bangladesh 2024

  • Authentication of class 10&12 mark sheets, passing certificate if issued, and Admit cards Bangladesh High Commission, Delhi
  • Sending the documents with the relevant university’s attestations.
  • Seat payment and medical insurance coverage.
  • Following receipt of the offer letter, you must submit an application, attested copies of your academic marksheets, and a $60 application fee to the Bangladesh Deputy High Commission in Kolkata in order to request an Equivalence certificate from DGHS. Make careful to submit the necessary paperwork within the window of time that the authorities have specified.
  • In addition to a letter of admission confirmation from the college where you intend to study for your MBBS in Bangladesh, you will also obtain a certificate from DGHS Bangladesh.

Visa application for MBBS in Bangladesh

  • Higher Secondary (Class 10) and Secondary (12th Class) Admission ticket, mark sheet, and certificate.
  • Admission letter or equivalent document for MBBS study from the university of your choice in Bangladesh.
  • TT Copies (College Fees transfer)
  • Birth certificate
  • Copies of two passport-size photos
    Original passport

MBBS Curriculum in Bangladesh-

According to the National Medical Commission (NMC), formerly known as the Medical Council of India, and recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC), the course and curriculum for 5 (five) academic years will be the same in all Bangladesh Universities (MCI)

The MBBS program is subdivided into 4 phases-

Phase Duration Subjects Examination
1st Phase 1.5 year Anatomy First Professional
2nd Phase 1-year Community Medicine Second Professional
    Forensic Medicine  
3rd Phase 1-year Pharmacology & Therapeutics Third Professional
4th Phase 1.5 year Medicine and Allied subjects Final Professional
    Surgery and Allied subjects  
    Obstetrics and Gynaecology  

Advantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh

  • Ease of communication– Bangladesh is predominantly an English-speaking nation, which means that language barriers rarely pose a problem. Interacting with locals and participating in classroom activities in Bangladesh is remarkably effortless and smooth.
  • Easy access to Indian food– A variety of Indian food is available at low cost around every corner in the country. In fact, Indian cuisine can be found in the university campus itself.
  • Holistic education – MBBS from Bangladesh focuses on well-rounded education where practical skills of the students are honed along with theoretical understanding.
  • Focus on Problem-solving aptitude– Education in Bangladesh is based on best education system. So, one of the main focus areas is problem-based learning methodology.


Student Life in Bangladesh Medical Colleges

  • The hostel accommodation at medical colleges in Bangladesh is equipped with all the necessary facilities and arrangements to ensure comfortable living to the students.
  • Special Indian food is served to Indian students in college canteens.
  • Sports facilities are available for extracurricular activities.
  • Cultural programs are organized for the students on festive occasions, including Indian festivals.
  • The college campuses ensure full security measures for the safety of students.
    Separate hostels are available for boys and girls.
  • Clinical training is provided to final-year students at top hospitals and clinics of Bangladesh


How many Indian are studying in Bangladesh?

There are more than 7000+ Indians studying MBBS in Bangladesh. Every year more than 1250+ students arrive in Bangladesh to pursue their future dreams.

Where can I do my internship after MBBS from Bangladesh?

After completing a 5-year MBBS Programme from Bangladesh, You can apply for your internship in India or Bangladesh as well.

Is NEET required for MBBS in Bangladesh?

NEET is required to study MBBS in Bangladesh or any other countries since 2018.

Can I work a part-time job while attending university in Bangladesh?

No, you have a student visa and are in the country to study. With a student visa, you cannot and should not work.

Is MBBS degree from Bangladesh valid in India?

Yes, as long as the degree comes from a university that has been approved by the National Medical Commission, it is acceptable in India.

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