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MBBS in Moldova 2022-23 : Fees, Admission, Top Medical Universities, Eligibility Criteria

Moldova is a nation in Eastern Europe that is situated between Romania and Ukraine. The educational facilities of Moldova, notably the medical schools, are well-known. Because of the carefully thought-out MBBS in Moldova, Chisinau, the country’s capital, is a favorite destination for European medical students. In order to prepare students to pass national licensing examinations and integrate them into the hospital system for a potential career, faculty members at Moldovan medical schools have established a specific technique. For Indian students interested in studying medicine in Europe, Moldova is among the most affordable nations.

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MBBS degree in Moldova for Indian students and international medical graduates for a basic understanding.
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mbbs in moldova

Study MBBS in Moldova: Quick Highlights

Type of University Public
Popular MBBS University in Moldova Nicolae Testemițanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Programs Offered General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, American Program
Course Duration 6 years (including internship)
Moldova university medical fees USD 3,789 per yr (Approximately), INR 26 Lac/6 Years
Level of Education MD (MBBS)
Minimum Eligibility – 70% in 10+2 (PCB)
English Language Proficiency Not Required
NEET Yes, compulsory
Location Chișinău, Moldova

Study MBBS in Moldova- MBBS Admission in Moldova

  • Since Moldova provides a high-quality education at reasonable tuition costs, a lot of Indian students choose to study there.
  • Particularly for Indian candidates, admission to the MBBS universities in Moldova is simple.
  • Medical education in Moldovan universities is recognized by the NMC, American medical boards, and all of Europe.
  • Graduates of the MBBS programme in Moldova may sit for the USMLE and pursue medical education or employment in the US.
  • Modern medical technology and first-rate medical facilities are available at every medical university in Moldova.
    The degree’s syllabus is at par with the standards of the American medical universities.
  • The majority of graduates can pass the challenging exams required for doctor licence in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, and other developed nations because they are well-prepared.
  • According to estimates, despite Moldova’s high cost of living, it is still within reach due to the low cost of utilities in the nation.
  • The majority of Moldova’s MBBS universities provide courses in English.
  • The simple visa application procedure takes between 40 and 60 days to complete.
  • In Moldova, MBBS students have the option of working 20 hours per week in part-time occupations. Students are permitted to work for an additional year after finishing their studies. The work permit might also be extended at the employer’s decision.

Study MBBS in Moldova For Indian Students

Study Medicine in Moldova For Indian Students: For most students, studying Medicine has always been a dream which never got fulfilled. For students mostly, it is impossible to study Medicine in their own home country because of very high prerequisites or tuition fees. Studying MBBS in Hungary is an often chosen destination for Indian students who want to realize their dream of becoming a doctor.

  • Excellent Infrastructure: Universities in Moldova offer state-of-the-art facilities to their medical students. Each medical school has a first-rate medical infrastructure and is furnished with cutting-edge medical technology.
  • Recognized Qualifications: One of the key reasons why so many international students choose to study medicine in Moldova is the internationally recognized medical degree. Medical education at universities in Moldova is recognised by all of Europe, the MCI, and American medical boards. Graduates of the MBBS programme can then open their own clinics or return to India to practice medicine.
  • USA level syllabus: The Moldovan MBBS curriculum is equivalent to that of US universities at the USA Level. The curriculum comprises a wide range of courses as well as the most recent advancements in the area of medicine, and the course structure is student-centered.
  • Simple Visa Process: Moldova makes it simpler to get a student visa than other countries in Europe. Obtaining a student visa to study MBBS in Moldova only takes 40 to 60 working days once the necessary standards have been met.
  • Low-cost education: One of the main factors influencing Indian students’ decision to pursue MBBS in Moldova is affordability. On this island, tuition prices and living expenses are incredibly low in contrast to other European nations.

MBBS in Moldova Fees Structure

For a European nation, Moldova’s medical university fees is inexpensive. In Moldova, tuition for a 6-year MBBS programme may total up to INR 30 lakhs. Additionally, Moldova offers inexpensive living expenses for overseas students.

Here is an estimate of the price of an MBBS degree:

Expense Cost
Tuition Fee INR 26,00,000
Hostel Fee 700 Euro/ year
Food Cost INR 5,000 – 8,000

Best Medical University in Moldova for MBBS degree

Nicolae Testemitanu State Medical and Pharmaceutical University

The Nicolae university is the only academic institution in the Republic of Moldova to provide a medical degree programme. The institute has established strong European standards for medical education ever since it was founded in 1945. Organizations like WHO and MCI, among others, have accredited it.

Nicolae Testemitanu State Medical and Pharmaceutical University

Type Public
Program Offered General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy
Average Tuition Fees 4300 Euro/Per Year
Language of Instruction English, Russian, Romanian
Course Duration 6 Years
Level of Education MD (equivalent to MBBS)
Location Chișinău, Moldova

Duration of the MBBS Course in Moldova

In Moldova, the MBBS programme lasts for six years (including internship). 

1st – 3rd Year Pre-clinical course
3rd – 6th Year Clinical course

MBBS in Moldova Eligibility & Documents Required For a Students

If the candidate satisfies the following qualifying requirements, studying MBBS in Moldova is quite viable for Indian students:

Academic Standing:
For physics, chemistry, and math in the 12th standard, a student must receive a minimum score of 65% to be eligible for a medical programme in Moldova. For MBBS in Moldova, language proficiency is not required.

Maximum Age:
The minimum and maximum age requirements for Moldova’s MBBS programme are both 17 years old.

NEET Rating:
In order to be admitted to a Moldovan medical school, Indian students must have a current NEET scorecard that meets the required standard.

As mentioned above, a number of documents are needed while applying to a medical programme in Moldova. Check the list of required documents below before submitting your application:

  • Academic certificates with the appropriate grades
  • A valid passport
  • NEET score card
  • Passport-sized pictures
  • Medical examination result
  • Application form
  • University fee receipt and application form
  • Visa
  • Authorization letters from the embassy

Advantage of studying MBBS in Moldova:

If you want to apply to this prestigious medical institution, your application process should be perfect. Because of the fierce rivalry for seats in the MBBS degree programme at the only state medical university, any errors you make won’t be taken into account. To apply for your desired course in Moldova, however, follow these steps.

  • First, thoroughly research the institution before checking its application deadlines.
  • When the application deadline approaches, complete the application form and send in the requested
  • scanned copies of the required papers.
  • Save a copy of the application form that was downloaded.
  • Watch for the acceptance letter to arrive.
  • Submit an application for a student VISA and wait to be granted one.
  • After everything is set up, all that is left to do is book your flight to Moldova.

Advantage of studying MBBS in Moldova:

Studying for the MBBS degree itself is a matter of honour since people still hold doctors in high regard. Aside from that, earning this degree has a number of other noteworthy benefits. Let’s look at these now.

  • Indian students can stay and study in Moldova thanks to its favourable climate and welcoming atmosphere.
  • The Moldovan Medical University is on par with all major worldwide medical universities and colleges.
  • The NMC and the WHO have also given their approval to this medical school.
  • The university does not tolerate discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, race, creed, or religion.
  • Additionally, you’ll be happy to learn that this is one of the reputable universities that does not require donations in order to secure you a place.
  • You can begin practising medicine in India as soon as you return home because the university’s MBBS degree is recognised there.
  • When compared to some of the best private medical institutes in India, the cost of an MBBS degree in Moldova is incredibly affordable.
  • Scholarships can be obtained based on merit and meeting the necessary requirements.
  • Students enrolled in the MBBS programme may also enrol in the MU Exclusive USMLE or PLAB Training Program.
  • The university’s MBBS curriculum here is based on the format of the MBBS curriculum in the US.
  • For students who come to Moldova to study, the environment is quite healthy.
  • You may even look forward to beginning your medical career here once you have completed your MBBS degree.
  • Numerous chances for extracurricular activities, sports, lectures, medical workshops, and other activities assist to mould your personality and prepare you for the workplace.
  • Experiences with internship programmes are incredible. You will have the opportunity to work in several multi-speciality hospitals and receive in-depth hands-on instruction from your professors and senior physicians.

MBBS in Moldova is approved by the following international agencies

  • World Health Organization(WHO)
  • Medical Council of India(MCI)
  • Educational Commission For Foreign Medical Graduates(ECFMG)
  • South African Qualification Authority (SQAQ)
  • Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research(FAIMER)
  • Tertiary Education Commission Mauritius(TEC)
  • International Medical Education Directory(IMED)
  • Membership of Royal College of Physicians(MRCP)
  • The United States Medical Licensing Examination(USMLE)
  • Licentiate of the Medical College of Canada(LMCC)
  • Global Alliance for Medical Education(GAME)

Top Reasons to Study Medicine in Hungary

  • Many Indian students study in Moldova as the country offers a quality education at affordable tuition fees.
  • Admissions to the MBBS universities in Moldova are simple, especially for Indian students.
  • The NMC, medical boards in the United States, and all European countries recognize medical education at Moldovan universities.
  • According to estimations, though Moldova’s cost of living is high, it is still manageable as the cost of utilities in the country is low.
  • English is the medium of instruction at most of the MBBS universities in Moldova.
  • The visa application process is simple and takes approximately 40-60 days to conclude.
  • Students studying MBBS in Moldova can engage in part-time jobs for a weekly work schedule of 20 hours. After completing the study program, students can continue working for one year. The employer may decide to extend the work permit as well.
  • Moldovan MBBS graduates can take the USMLE and study or practice medicine in the United States.
  • Every medical university in Moldova is supported by world-class medical facilities and cutting-edge medical technology.
  • The degree’s syllabus is at par with the standards of American medical universities.
  • Graduates are well-prepared, and the majority of them can pass the demanding doctor licensure exams in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, and other developed countries.

MBBS in Moldova for Pakistani Students Fee Structure, Admission, Eligibility 2022

MBBS in Moldova for Pakistani Students is One of the affordable destinations, If you have focused and strong ambitions, and dreams about a career in the medical field then MBBS in MOLDOVA is the best option for you. It will give you a successful career in the field of medicine line.

MBBS degree program is one of the hard as well as one of the low fees budget degree programs in Moldova for Pakistani students.

For doing BDS or MBBS Courses in Moldova medical college, students from Pakistan must have excellent score in their FSC pre-medical exams. A-level students can apply, Your degrees should be properly attested. Complete documents should be presented by you at the time of the admission processing cycle.

Are girls safe in Moldova?

Ans. Yes. Moldova provides extreme security measures not only to girls but to all others.

Can I get good accommodations while studying MBBS in Moldova?

The country offers several accommodation options to MBBS students. You can check on the internet for accommodation services near your campus as it will save a lot of time in traveling to and from the university.

Is the University recognized in India?

The University is recognized and approved by NMC (National Medical Commission), and therefore, the institution, as well as the degree, are recognized in India.

In Moldova, which language is used?

Romanian is the language spoken there.

Is it necessary to pass an English language exam like the IELTS in order to enrol in a medical school in Moldova?

No, taking an English proficiency test is not a requirement for studying MBBS in Moldova.

Is an internship required for MBBS students in Moldova?

Yes, a one-year internship is required.

What age requirements are there for applying to Moldova for an MBBS?

17-25 years

Is veg food from India available in Moldova?

In Moldova, vegetarian food is available. The local cuisine in Moldova is also excellent.

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