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MBBS in Armenia: Top Universities, Admission Eligibility, Fees Structure

Studying MBBS in Armenia for Indian students is considered to be the best option as they get everything that they have planned while choosing their destination to study for the Medical Degree from Armenia. Armenian Medical Universities for Indian students have fees lower than compared to most of the countries worldwide, best clinical exposures, latest infrastructure, quality medical education, up to date laboratories attract many Indian students to study MBBS in Armenia. There is no entrance test for any international student to get admission to Armenia University for MBBS Degree.

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About Armenia

Armenia is also known as the Republic of Armenia is situated in Western Asia on the Armenian Highlands. Armenia’s border is surrounded by Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Iran. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Armenia received its Independence in 1991.

The climate of Armenia is not much warmer because of its mountains all around the country. It is more of a colder climate with temperatures ranging from 5 Degrees Celsius to 10 Degree Celsius which attracts a lot of travelers too for enjoying the winter sports. The official language of Armenia is Armenian but MBBS in Armenia for International students are offered only in English language as a medium of instruction.

mbbs in armenia

Quick Highlights : MBBS in Armenia

Official Language Armenian
Capital Yerevan
Currency Armenian Dram
Literacy rate 99.8%
Population 29.3 lakhs
Time Difference from India India is 1 hour and 30 minutes ahead Armenia
Travel time from Delhi to Yerevan 9-10 hours direct flight
MBBS in Armenia- Tuition Fees $25000 to $29000 for the entire course
Type of colleges Both Private & Government
Duration of MBBS 6 years
Medium of Instruction English

Why Study MBBS in Armenia

Armenia is a beautiful and serene country for Indian students who are seeking high-quality and well-developed universities for MBBS in Armenia for Indian Students at an affordable fee. There are many different reasons why international students choose Armenia for getting their Medical Degree. Armenians are up-to-date, multicultural, and open-minded locals. Armenians are known to be family-oriented, just like Indians, and are always welcoming the international students and tourists with their great hospitality. 

It is a commendable place for those who are looking to get the best MBBS education from abroad at an affordable tuition fee. As per the latest survey, the growth percentage of teaching in Armenia especially in the Medical field is extraordinary. 

The Medical Degree from Armenia is MCI / WHO for Indian Students recognized and Indian students who have completed their MBBS in Armenia are practicing as successful Doctors globally. 

The low tuition fee is the major reason why Armenia is attracting thousands of candidates from around the globe. Indian Students choose Armenia as their study destination for MBBS Degree abroad because of the affordable fee structure which suits every family’s pocket.  Also, they prefer Armenia because of the quality of education and facilities given by the top government medical universities in Armenia. Students from India can get confirmed admission to study MBBS in Armenia as long as they clear the eligibility criteria.

Study MBBS in Armenia For Indian Students

Most Indian students want to study MBBS Abroad for many reasons hence studying MBBS in Mauritius has become one of the popular destinations for obtaining a Medicine Degree from Mauritian Universities. Mauritius is a beautiful and serene country and has a strong inference of Indian culture too. Lately, Mauritius is attracting a lot of students to study MBBS from Top Medical Universities. 

The first thing that comes to the mind of Indian Students and their parents while deciding to study MBBS abroad is if the University they select to study is MCI approved or not. Well, there are many medical universities around the world that are not approved by MCI, but MBBS in Mauritius is approved by the Medical Council of India(MCI) Hence, students and parents should not worry about taking up the course of MBBS in Mauritius and obtain the degree and once they do they can come back to India and clear the Licensing test conducted by MCI and start practicing.

Study MBBS in Armenia Fees For Indian Students

The University of Armenia for MBBS Degree is very affordable and also has a friendly teaching and learning environment which encourages students to thrive for MBBS admission in Armenian Universities. The Universities in Armenia for MBBS Degrees are safer for international students because of their security system is on the stronger end.

Top Medical Universities to Study MBBS in Armenia & Fees Structure

There are best two medical universities in Mauritius for Indian students,  Kashmiri, and Pakistani students offering Medicine in Mauritius in English. To apply to the universities mentioned below, please fill out the application form.

  1. Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University
  2. ST. Tereza Medical University
  3. The University of Traditional Medicine
  4. Yerevan Haybusak University
  5. Yerevan State Medical University

MBBS in Armenia Fee Structure 2021

The Fees for studying MBBS from Armenia differs from University to University, however, the approximate fee for different University are given as below:

  1. Yerevan Haybusak University :
    Eligibility : 60% in PCB , NEET
    Tuition Fee : $22800 / Rs. 1596000 (Approx)
  2. Mkhitar Gosh Armenian – Russian International University :
    Eligibility : 60% in PCB , NEET
    Tuition Fee : $17400 / Rs. 1218000 (Approx)
  3. University of Traditional Medicine :
    Eligibility : 60% in PCB , NEET
    Tuition Fee : $21000 / Rs. 147000 (Approx)

MBBS in Armenia Eligibility & requirements for Indian Students

  • Before planning to study MBBS in Armenia as your preferred location to study, make sure to get your eligibility checked. 
  • Every Indian student aspiring to study the undergraduate programme of MBBS in Armenia should have completed 12th in Science, having a score of 60% and above in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 
  • Students should have qualified NEET, which has been mandatory since 2019
  • No entrance test or examination is required.

Duration of Studying MBBS Course from Armenia

It will take a total of 6 years for the MBBS students to complete their medical studies in Armenia. The duration has been given point-wise for better understanding.

  1. The duration of completing academic medical education is 5 years
  2. One year is needed for completing the internship.
  3. The courses help the student to become a successful MBBS Armenia graduate.

List of Top 5 NMC Recognized Medical Colleges in Armenia

Following are some of the best MBBS universities in Armenia:

  • Yerevan State Medical University
  • Mkhitar Gosh Armenian-Russian International University
  • St. Tereza Medical University
  • The University of Traditional Medicine
  • Yerevan Haybusak University

More Benefits of Studying Medicine in Armenia For Indian Students

  • The MBBS Degree from Armenia University is valid and accepted by all medical councils worldwide.
  • The medium of instruction of teaching MBBS in Armenian University for International students is in English, so there are much lesser challenges to be faced.
  • The duration to study MBBS in Armenia for Indian Students is 6 Years.
  • Once an Indian student completes an MBBS Degree from Armenia they can clear their FMGE / Licensing (NEXT) exam and practice in India.
  • The education provided in Armenia for MBBS courses to Indian students is of high quality and the Tuition fee is much affordable than the Private Medical universities in India. 
  • The Medical Universities in Armenia for MBBS for Indian Students are MCI approved.

Syllabus for Studying MBBS in Armenia

The syllabus for studying MBBS course in Armenia is as follows:

Semester 1-2 (Pre-clinical) Physiology, Anatomy, and Biochemistry
Semester 3-5 (Para-clinical) Pathology, Pharmacology, Community medicine, Forensic medicine, Microbiology, Clinical postings, OPDs.
Semester 6-9 (Clinical) Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Surgery, and allied subjects, Community Medicine and allied subjects (Psychiatry, Dermatology), Clinical Posting.

Is Armenia Safe for Indian Medical Students?

Yes, Doing MBBS in Armenia is one of the best, low cost and a good destination for Indian students:

  • Being foreigners, you have to keep a strategic distance from terrible sites.
  • Armenia is one of the safest countries for all people, especially for women. However, every candidate needs to be very careful after reaching there.

  • They should not join any late-night program; need to avoid the company of strangers for their own safety.

  • It is necessary for foreigners to carry identification certificates like visas, identity proof etc.

  • Armenia Communities are significantly more secure. Security in public space as well as in vacant place is secured by High Authority Security of Armenia.
Is NEET Required for Studying MBBS Armenia?

According to the rules of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, it is necessary for Indian students to appear for the NEET exam. Therefore, the Indian students need to appear NEET Exam to study Medicine course in Armenia. The students at least need to get 60% marks in NEET to study MBBS from abroad.

Is MBBS in Armenia Possible without NEET?

As we mentioned above and as per the rules of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, you must appear in NEET Exam to study MBBS in Armenia.

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