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Do you want to become a professional doctor? Is this your dream to serve thousands of lives? Do you to build your medical from foreign university? Then, it is the ideal place to chase after your dream. Kiev Medical University is basically known as the Kyiv Medical University of Ukrainian association of Folk Medicine. This medical institution is mainly famous for its medical researchers. Therefore, it will be fruitful for you if you have decided study here. They always provide the high quality medical education to the students.  The faculty of this university tries their level best to maintain the international standard of education. Since long, this university has trained more than thousands students every years.  The cost of medical education is cheaper here. Likewise, this university has become hot destination for the medical aspirants. There are many faculties to guide you in medical research methods. This medical institute has the medical collaboration with the others for providing better education. The well equipped library facility, laboratories helps the students to acquire much knowledge.

When Kiev Medical University was Established?

  • This medical institution was established in the year of 1992
  • The type of Kiev Medical University is public

Key features of Kiev Medical University

  • Kiev Medical University provides the best quality education to the medical candidates.
  • The fee structure of this university is very simple.
  • There are no requirements of any donation for getting admission here.
  • This university has simplified their admission process for the benefits of the candidates.
  • The hostel fee and food cost are lower here
  • That is why it has become the popular destination among the medical aspirants
  • Kiev Medical University is accredited by the WHO and NMC
  • This university offers various types of medical courses to the students
  • Here, you will get the chance for post graduation courses here
  • The medium of instruction is English here
  • The faculties of general medicine and stomatology are world famous.
  • The MBBs students have appear for  two  semester here

World Ranking of Kiev Medical University

Kiev Medical University has got its rank from the very first day of its medical services.

  • This university gets 8th rank among the higher education institutions in Ukraine
  • The nation ranking of this medical institution is 119

Scope of Indian Students in Kiev Medical University, Ukraine

This medical institution offers the best quality education to the Indian students

  • If Indian students want to build their medical career, then it is the ideal place for you
  • You will get the world class learning infrastructure
  • The Indian candidates are given the chance of scholarship facility
  • In kiev Medical University, you will get the accommodation facility
  • The MBBS fee is cheaper for the Indian students to study here
  • You will not face any issue with food as here you will get Indian dishes
  • The lectures of the  expert faculties helps you to enhance your knowledge
  • Here, you will get proper medical training that will help you to enhance your professional skills
  • The guidance of the renowned doctors help you to meet the medical challenges successfully

Why Kiev Medical University?

There are many reasons for choosing Kiev Medical University for studying MBBS. If you want to know the reason, you need to check below.

  • As per the rules of European rules, the international students have to learn pre-clinical studies.
  • In the last year, they have to study clinical subjects.
  • The students community of this university ensures the intensive medical training to the candidates
  • This university has arranged security system for the candidates.
  • There is a facility to join international program, conferences for  the global exposure
  • The students can join the exchange program for having the world class exposure
  • The faculty of general medicine are multi-skilled, experienced enough to maintain the modern educational method
  • The faculties always encourage the students to join various cultural program for the personal development
  • The students are guaranteed about job placement facility in this university
  • The most amazing fact is this university offers special assistance to the physically challenged candidates.
  • They will provide financial support to the students

Accreditation of KMU, Ukraine

Kiev Medical University is accredited many medical bodies

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • National Medical Commission (NMC)
  • General Medical Council (GMC)
  • Ministry of Science and Education with IV level
  • Foundation for advancement of international medical education and research (FAIMER)

Duration of MBBS Study in Kiev Medical University

The MBBs study duration of Kiev Medical University is total 6 years

  • It will take 5 years for the students to study clinical medicine
  • The candidates have to read for another 1 year for apprenticeship

Intake of MBBS Study in KMU, Ukraine

  • The intake for MBBs admission generally starts from September.
  • There are limited seats available in this university for MBBS admission
  • It will be ideal for you to apply within August.
  • Generally, the classes for MBBS courses starts from October
  • The semesters of MBBS study s falls between December to January

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Admission in Kiev Medical University

The medical aspirants need to follow the eligibility criteria strictly for the MBBS admission.

  • The age of the students should be minimum 17 years
  • The age of the students should not exceeds 25 years
  • The students need to pass 10+2 examination with at least 50 % marks
  • The students must read chemistry, biology, physics and English
  • The candidates must have studies from Government board
  • The candidates who are not from regular courses will not be allowed for admission
  • As per the regulation of NMC, the students have to qualify NEET examination
  • The medical aspirants need to score good marks in PCB.
  • The students belong from SC/ST/OBC category needs to score at least 45 % marks in the same.
  •  There is no requirements of giving entrance exam

Admission Procedure of MBBS Courses in Kiev Medical University

  • The admission process of this medical institution is very easy to follow.
  • At first, you have to fill up the online application form along with the accurate details
  • Once you are done with the online application, you have to submit the required documents
  •  In the next step, you will get the confirmation letter from the university
  •  After you get the confirmation letter, you have to pay the enrolment fee
  •  Once, you are done with the payment, you need tom apply for the visa
  •  In this stage, You have to wait for your visa
  •  After getting your visa, now you are ready to catch a flight for Ukraine
  •  Now, you can fulfill your dream of serving others

MBBS Study Tuition Fee in Kiev Medical University

MBBS Fee (1st Year Package) 7000 $ Included in Package
MBBS Fee (2nd to 6th Year) 3500 * 5 = 17,500 $ 1000 * 5 = 5000 $
Total Fees in Rupees (INR) Approx. 17,15,000 Rupees 3,50,000 Rupees

Hostel Facilities in Kiev Medical University

  • Kiev Medical University provides the hostel facility to the students.
  •  The hostels are located near the university campus
  •  All the hostels are well equipped with necessary essentials
  •  There are super market near the hostels
  •  You will get shared room here
  •  The cost of the hostel in lower here
  •  There are cafeteria, assembly hall in the hostel
  •  You will find the reading room in the hostel
  •  The students can freely access the internet facility here
  •  There are separate rooms for boys and girls

Food in Ukraine

The medical aspirants will not face any issue with the food here

  • You will get various types of cuisines within your budget here
  • There are many cheap restaurants where you can get Indian dishes
  • The tastes of Indian dishes gives you homely feeling
  • You can get all items in the grocery shops here
  • They always try to maintain the food hygiene level here.

Weather Condition in Ukraine

  • The weather condition of Ukraine may vary slightly in different regions
  • It is frosty here in this country
  • The month of  January is the coldest time in this place
  • During this time the temperature remains 0o C
  • You may feel north-easterly breeze in this country
  • Yearly precipitation is 400-600 mm here
  • In this place, the nights are cool, summer is dry
  • Sometimes, the temperature falls below 0 degree
  • The summer  season is pleasant here
  • The temperature varies 25-30C during the summertime.
  • There are more than 290 radiant days in this country

Student Life in Kiev Medical University

  • The student life is amazing in this university
  • The students are given all the facilities to enrich their medical knowledge
  • The well equipped libraries helps the students to gather much information related to subjects
  • Every year, this university organize annual program where you can join freely
  • The attention will be given on the physical well being of the candidates also
  • Here, you will get the chance to explore your hidden talent
  • The Indian students can enjoy Indian festivals here
  • Here you will get the facility of having Indian food

Why Should You Study MBBS in Ukraine

While you are asked to choose Ukraine for your Study MBBS in Ukraine. Then you may think that why others are speaking for this country particularly? What about the other universities? There are many reasons for speaking a lot about this university. If you want to know the reason, then you need to check below.

  •  There are many top universities that offer medical courses to the students
  •  The world class infrastructure of Ukraine universities is the best for your education
  •  The universities of this country use latest technology for the medical education
  •  There are many world famous faculties to guide in medical research works
  •  The fee structure of  Ukraine universities is cheaper than that of others
  •  You do not have to give any entrance examination to get MBBS admission in this country
  •  All the universities of this place are recognized by NMC and WHO
  •  The living expenses and the food cost are very lower here.
  •  The students  are given the chance to work in the country during their study
  •  The candidates will the facility of accommodation here
  •  Here, you will get the quality education
  •  The fee structure is cheaper here in comparison with the other foreign countries
  •  The medical institution of Ukraine conducts many international events.
  •  The doctoral programs have been conducted here for the professional development of the candidates
  •  The students do not have to give any type of language test here
  •  The medium of teaching is English here
  •  There are many scope to get the global exposure
  •  You will not face any safety issue here as the locals are very friendly by nature
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