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Overseas Education Pre-departure support

MYMBBSADMISSION.COM gives pre-departure support to make the students study abroad with the preparation for a new environment.

 We make the students travel in a comfortable way along with all the preventive measures and we also confer proper accommodation in the country they step in.

We take a complete charge for a peaceful journey without any issues and that includes Visa Application Assistance, Air Ticket, Pick-up & drop from Airport. We also ensure you with the checklist for your pre-departure belongings.

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Support For Indian Students on Pre-departure

  1. Help you to get a passport and ensure its validity to study abroad.
  2. Help to get a Student visa / Single student visa.
  3. Help to pay tuition fees to university and keep proof of those payments.
  4. The status of your departure will be checked.
  5. Help to buy flight tickets at an affordable rate.
  6. Make you aware of your flight schedule and information regarding departure.
  7. Help in arranging your baggage according to airline regulations.
  8. Help you to know the instructions and arrival updates of your travel.
  9. Ensure this preparation process to your family members, friends, and also your education consultant.
List of Documents Required to keep:
  1. Passport/Visa
  2. Photocopies of your cards (ATM/Credit/Debit)
  3. ID cards
  4. Medical Prescriptions
  5. Arrival Update
  6. Flight Schedule
Examine your Health
  1. You should collect the medical prescriptions that are required.
  2. You should keep some generic medicines.
  3. Examine your health by visiting your doctors.
Claiming of Insurance:
  1. You should collect the information about your health plan and your insurance accordingly.
  2. You should also collect the confirmation letter.
  3.  Personal properties can be additional coverage if needed.
  4. You can also get travel insurance.
Communication requirements:
  1. ISD plans must be on your mobile phone (if you wish to use it in abroad)
  2. You must also get the card for international calling.
  3. Keep all contact numbers and e-mail from your university advisors, consultant, registrar, and financial support office.
Financial resources:
You must do the following to have your financial resources.
  1. (ATM/Credit/Debit) cards should be collected with their PIN which can be used abroad.
  2. The fees for the bank must be evaluated.
  3. Clarify the details related to your cards for using it abroad.
  4. The local currency of the concerned country should be arranged before departure.
  5. Arrange the budget after getting a clear idea of the estimated expenses.
  6. You have to check for the Net Banking option also.
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